13 Wonders Mahjong Fortune God Money Pulling Cake

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Please note that money pulling cakes are only available for 6 inch or larger (for a single tier cake) or 6 inch x 9 inch or larger (for 2-tier cakes). If you would like to add a money-pulling function, please select from the drop down menu above.

For avoidance of doubt, please note that the price of the cake reflected on this page is exclusive of the money pulling amount.

After placing your order, please drop us a text as soon as possible via WhatsApp to 9152 7776 with a screenshot of your order confirmation, and inform us of your desired denominations and number of notes for the money pulling amount (to be placed inside the cake). Kindly note that the maximum number of notes is 25. We will provide you the payment instructions for the money pulling amount in a reply through WhatsApp.

Important information on cake decorations

Cake decorations may include non-edible components such as toy figurines and dowels or skewers. These are necessary for support and structuring. Please remove your cake decorations before cutting your cake.

Please note that number candles, happy birthday cake toppers, customised cardstock cake toppers, and fondant wordings (on cake board) are not included in the above price. These add-ons may be purchased separately from your cart.

Information on tiered cakes

This design is also available as a 2-tiered cake in the following dimensions:

  • 4 inch + 6 inch (feeds 15-20 pax)
  • 5 inch + 7 inch (feeds 20-30 pax)
  • 5 inch + 8 inch (feeds 30-40 pax)
  • 6 inch + 9 inch (feeds 40-60 pax)
  • 7 inch + 10 inch (feeds 60-80 pax)

If you would like to order a tiered cake, please drop us a note or by WhatsApp at 9152 7776 before making payment. We will then be able to advise you on pricing and whether there will be slight changes to the design for certain tiers.

If you would like to order a 2-tiered cake with dimensions other than the above, or a 3-tiered cake, please do contact us via the above options as well.

All our cakes are fully customisable!

If you would like to make an order that is based on this design but with your own twist, please drop us a note or by WhatsApp at 9152 7776 before making payment.

As our bakes are handcrafted and made to order, there may be slight differences between the reference material and the actual cake which you receive.

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