Questions? We have answers!


How may I place an order?

You may place your order here and pay online. We also accept orders via WhatsApp (use the chat bubble on the bottom right or drop us a text at 9152 7776). If you would like to place an order through WhatsApp, you may send us a screenshot of the cakes which have caught your fancy, or your fresh ideas.

Are all your bakes listed on this website?

Our online catalogue is a snapshot of our previous designsYou may drop us a text via WhatsApp (use the chat bubble on the bottom right or drop us a text at 9152 7776) for more pictures of our past projects!

What is your lead time? Will you take in last-minute orders?

Kindly note that online orders must be placed 1 clear day in advance.

We may be able to take in last-minute orders, but can only do so through WhatsApp. If your intended delivery or self-collection date is less than 1 clear day away but you are keen on placing an order, please contact us via WhatsApp (use the chat bubble on the bottom right or drop us a text at 9152 7776). We seek your kind understanding that we will not be able to accept last-minute orders if our slots are already full.

I am not too sure about what design I should get for my customised cake.

We are more than happy to assist you in bringing your ideas onto the cake board. You may refer to our catalogue for inspiration, contact us for more pictures of our past projects, or send us images of designs which you like. You may also drop us a text via WhatsApp (use the chat bubble on the bottom right or drop us a text at 9152 7776) for more pictures of our past projects.

Depending on the information provided to us, such as the occasion or the recipient's likes and interests, and your budget, we will be able to suggest a design that brings together all the best elements for your special celebration.

Our Bakes

Are you halal-certified?

No. However, we do not use pork or lard in any of our bakes.

What flavours are available for customised cakes?

Our cakes come in the following flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel 
  • Vanilla Mixed Berries
  • Strawberries and Cream

We also offer the following premium flavours for an additional $10:

  • Chocolate Salted Caramel
  • Belgian Chocolate Fudge (our Best Seller!)
  • Black Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Cookies and Cream

Are there any items which may be seen in the pictures on your website but which are not included in the cake price?

The cake prices on our product pages do not include number candles, happy birthday cake toppers, customised cardstock cake toppers, and fondant wordings on cake board. These may be purchased separately as add-ons from your cart, to make your customised cake even more unique.

Are the prices of your money pulling cakes listed on your website inclusive of the money pulling amount (placed inside the cake)?

No. Prices of cakes reflected on our website are exclusive of the money pulling amount. This means that the money which you wish to place inside the cake must be paid for separately and in addition to the price of the cake.

After placing your order, please drop us a text as soon as possible via WhatsApp to 9152 7776 with a screenshot of your order confirmation, and inform us of your desired denominations and number of notes for the money pulling amount (to be placed inside the cake). Kindly note that the maximum number of notes is 25. We will provide you the payment instructions for the money pulling amount in a reply through WhatsApp.

Will the cake I receive look exactly the same as the pictures on your website or the reference material?

Our bakes are handcrafted and made to order. Therefore, there may be slight differences between the reference material (whether from our catalogue or otherwise) and the actual cake which you receive.

Will your cakes stain my teeth?

Certain colourings may stain your teeth temporarily. Please rest assured that this is only temporary, and that all food colourings used in our bakes are completely safe for consumption.

Nevertheless, should you be worried about possible smudging on your teeth, you may wish to scrape off the outer cream coating, especially if the colours of your customised cake are strong and dark.

      Cake Sizes

      I am not too sure what size of cake I should be getting for my celebration.

      We would recommend the following sizes:

      • For 3-5 pax: 5 inch
      • For 6-10 pax: 6 inch
      • For 10-15 pax: 7 inch
      • For 15-20 pax: 8 inch
      • For 20-30 pax: 9 inch
      • For 30-40 pax: 10 inch

      Do you make tiered customised cakes?

      Yes we do! Our tiered cakes come in the following dimensions:

      • 4 inch + 6 inch (feeds 15-20 pax)

      • 5 inch + 7 inch (feeds 20-30 pax)

      • 5 inch + 8 inch (feeds 30-40 pax)

      • 6 inch + 9 inch (feeds 40-60 pax)

      • 7 inch + 10 inch (feeds 60-80 pax)

      If you would like to order a 2-tiered cake with dimensions other than the above, or a 3-tiered cake, please contact us or drop us a text via WhatsApp (use the chat bubble on the bottom right or at 9152 7776).

      Cake Care

      Do you have any tips for handling my cake upon receipt?

      Please keep your cake boxes level at all times. If you are self-collecting your cake and will be driving, we recommend placing the cake box on a passenger's lap or on the floor of the car. These tend to be more stable and flat than car seats.

      Please avoid stacking cake boxes on top of each other.

      How should I store my cake prior to my celebration?

      It is very important to keep your cakes refrigerated and away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

      If your cake is too large for your refrigerator, you may also leave it in a cold air-conditioned area for up to 2 hours. Money-pulling cakes should however be refrigerated as much and as long as possible before your celebration.

      Your customised cake should be consumed on the day of receipt for an ideal taste and texture.

      Please do also check with us for additional tips for your specific cake on the date of delivery or self-collection, as these could differ depending on the design.

      Are there any preparations which I should make before cutting my cake?

      Please thaw your cake for 45 minutes to 1 hour at room temperature before cutting, for a soft and moist texture.

      Money-pulling cakes however require a firmer texture, so no thawing is required.

      Please remove all cake decorations before cake-cutting. This is because cake decorations may include components such as toy figurines and dowels or skewers which are necessary for support and structuring, but which are non-edible. 

      How should I store leftovers after my celebration?

      You may store leftovers in an airtight container, and place them in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days. Please ensure that all leftovers are consumed or discarded within 2 days after your date of delivery or self-collection.

      Leftover cake is best stored unsliced, as sliced cake tends to dry out quicker.

      Payment and Order Confirmation

      How do I know that my order is confirmed?

      We will confirm acceptance of orders via WhatsApp or email, at which point your order is considered confirmed.

      • For orders placed through our website, you should receive an email confirmation almost instantaneously after payment if you indicated an email address on the checkout page. Kindly check your Junk Email folder if you did not receive it.
      • For orders placed through WhatsApp, we will send you a confirmation message via WhatsApp upon receipt of full payment.

      If you have paid in full for your order but have not received an order confirmation yet, this is likely due to a temporary system lag. Nevertheless, you may contact us via WhatsApp (use the chat bubble on the bottom right or drop us a text at 9152 7776) should you have any questions on order confirmation.

      How do I make payment?

      For online orders, we accept payment via most major payment modes (including Mastercard, Visa, and PayNow).

      Deliveries and Self-Collections

      How much is delivery?

      We offer islandwide delivery every day, at the following rates:

      • All locations except for the CBD, Tuas, and Sentosa: $25

      • To CBD: $30

      • To Tuas or Sentosa: $35

      Which delivery option should I select when making an order?

      If your delivery is to the CBD, Tuas, or Sentosa, please select the correct delivery option from the list under "Delivery Options".

      • After clicking "Check Out" on the My Cart page, you should be able to select the appropriate delivery option (right below the delivery address fields) on the one-page checkout.
      • Otherwise, after clicking "Check Out" on the My Cart page, the next page will allow you to enter your contact information, including delivery address. Then, clicking on "Continue to Select Delivery Option" will allow you to select the appropriate delivery option on the next page.

      We reserve the right to amend the final invoice to impose the appropriate surcharge if the "Standard" option is selected but the intended delivery location is in the CBD, Tuas, or Sentosa.

      What delivery / self-collection time slots are available?

      • Time slot 1: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Available for deliveries or self-collections)
      • Time slot 2: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Available for deliveries or self-collections)
      • Time slot 3: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Available for deliveries or self-collections)
      • Time slot 4: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (For self-collections only); 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (For deliveries only)

      Kindly note, for avoidance of doubt, that self-collections cannot be done after 6:00 PM.

      If you would like to request for a delivery or self-collection at a specific time or a time range outside the above slots, you may wish to contact us via WhatsApp (use the chat bubble on the bottom right or drop us a text at 9152 7776). We will try to accommodate your request to the best of our ability. However, kindly note that there will generally be extra charges required for delivery or self-collection at a specific time or time range outside the above slots.

      Where is the pick-up location for self-collection?

      Self-collection may be done at 767 Upper Serangoon Road, #02-04 Spazio@Kovan, Singapore 534635.

      I am not sure if there will be someone at the intended delivery location on the date and time slot selected.

      Please ensure that someone is present at the delivery location during the entirety of your chosen time slot. We seek your understanding that our courier can only wait for a maximum of 10 minutes at each delivery location. In the event of an unsuccessful delivery attempt, our courier will attempt to contact you during the 10 minutes.

      If, for any reason, our courier is unable to contact and locate someone at the delivery location for 10 minutes, your order will be returned to our studio. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to impose an additional charge for re-delivery.

      What should I do if I would like to change my delivery date or time slot, or opt for a self-collection instead?

      Please inform us via WhatsApp at 9152 7776 a minimum of 5 days before the earlier of the original date or the intended date.

      We seek your kind understanding that, while we will attempt to accommodate late or urgent requests to the best of our ability, we reserve the right to refuse them or impose an additional charge.


      What should I do if I would like to cancel my order?

      Kindly note that upon confirmation of your order (i.e. when we have received full payment and sent you a confirmation message via WhatsApp or email), all orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

      Please contact us via WhatsApp at 9152 7776 if you would like to cancel your confirmed order. We retain the sole discretion to decide whether to accommodate requests for delivery on a different date or time or at a different location, or extend a credit note. We reserve the right not to accede to cancellation and refund requests.